Short Story

In my creative writing class, we are focusing on short stories for the month of May. This week, we were given four prompts to make a short story from. On day 4, we did ‘What if…..?” and had to write a short little something about it, so this short story is based on that prompt.

What if you could wish your grandma who died, to be walking next to you on the sidewalk? Or your dead dog to run by your side? This gift I have is a funny thing. I can summon and interact with the dead, but I’m just a normal girl. I try not to summon people that much. Or do it in public. It’s not like other people can see them, but it’s an awkward time. Besides, not everything is the sunshine and rainbows we want if we get that person back.

But today, I wished my old dog to my side. I grab a tennis ball and we play fetch until my arms become tired and I can’t throw anymore. He comes and lays down beside me, and it’s like he never left. We go on a walk like we used to do, every single day he was alive. It’s kinda weird though. I’m the only person who can see and feel him.

As we walk down the sidewalks, I pass a guy who appears to be in his early twenties. He wears dark jeans, a black leather jacket, and a fitted white tee. Which is odd. It’s May. His eyes meet mine and he smiles. Crouching down, he pets Quincey and says, “Beautiful dog.”

“You see him?” I ask, shocked.

“Of course,” he says. “Have a good day.”

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