The Walk Through Chaos

The clock strikes. The red numbers change. It’s that time again. Time to take a walk. A walk to your next class. With your backpack, heavy with hours of long work slung over your shoulders, you brace yourself and walk. Left, right, left, right.

Look there! Wait, no! Avert your eyes. You don’t need to see that. Focus on that black backpack, dark as the night. You march across the school, people running by you while you walk down the chaotic halls. Crowds of kids stand right in the middle of the hallway, chattering away like birds. Your grip adjusts on the straps of your backpack, cringing at those boys in one huddle, popping off disdainful comments left and right.

Everywhere you look, students are bumping into each other. Looks of boredom are plastered across many faces. Seniors block the doorways as they crowd the sacred bench they’ve all waited for. Past the hall of the Eagle’s Nest. You’re so close, you’re almost there. Thoughts swirl in your mind, lost to the outside conversations that permeate into your skull. Do you have a test today or tomorrow? Maybe it’s…..

He pushed you.

You contain your anger, boiling into fury. “Can’t they walk?!?!” your brain screams. It’s fine. Calm down. You’re so close. You count the yellowy tiles that makeup the floor, trampled by the soles of thousands of students. Then finally, safety. You take a seat in your hard metal chair. The four white walls decorated with brightly colored posters never felt more secure. But don’t worry! You still have three more months to go.

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